Huski Rice Husk Travel Lunch Box

Huski Rice Husk Travel Lunch Box


A sustainable choice for your lunch, travel or picnic needs! I especially love that it has two separate compartments.


Rice husks are a potential biohazard if not repurposed or disposed of properly.  This is why Huski Home recycles rice husks to create a durable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic material. 


  • Non-toxic, melamine, BPA and silicone-free
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Great for hot or cold foods
  • 2 collapsible handles
  • 2 storage compartments
  • Hinged locking lid



 Size information

  • Measurements: 15cm x 15cm x 9cm
  • Top compartment holds 300ml
  • The main compartment holds 850ml

These lunch boxes are unique because they are created by recycling rice husks.

Why rice husks? 

Rice is harvested in mass quantities throughout the world. When processed, the sheer volume of husks causes issues as to how to properly dispose of it as rice husks, if not ethically discarded, can be a biohazard.

What is the binding material? 

Polymer (PP) - doesn't leach into food.

Why this mix?

Rice husk is 100% as its original form (natural, unlike bamboo which has to be chemically prepared) and PP breaks down in microscopic parts, Huski looked into using corn/plant starches and melamine as binding agents but found they begin to leach into food and drink within a short lifespan and when industrially composted they took years to biodegrade due to the natural substance being chemically modified which stops the natural biodegradable properties.

This gives the product 10+ years of life span, the box is biodegradable.