This sponge is made from the root of a konjac plant and is hard until moistened with water, then it becomes silky soft. 


Why to buy? 


Beautifully gentle, even soft enough for babies and great for applying facial washes and even for removing makeup. 


How to care for them?


The sponge should NOT be wrung out, but should be allowed to dry naturally. As with any sponge, you should replace every 2 - 3 months. Your konjac sponge is compostable. 

Tabitha eve (UK company) is focused on sustainable, eco-friendly products for your skincare regime right through to your kitchen sponges.

Debbie, the founder, started her own personal war against wastefulness and plastic pollution when traveling and diving the seas of Borneo. Confronted by a plastic at the island that was home to the precious sea life she had traveled so far to seek out she vowed to try and do her bit. She created products to replace her disposable kitchen ware, and soon others were asking for some in order to help them do their bit too... and so Tabitha Eve was born.