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Natural Remedies For Cat Pink Eye

Compresses. Compresses of warm / hot water can also be placed on your cat's eyes a few minutes at a time, a few times a day, to dilate the tear ducts and facilitate the flow of eye secretions. This will certainly improve the cat’s comfort. Homeopathic natural product. Puzzle toys are especially useful for keeping a cat busy and entertained.

2 Supplement your cat’s diet with oral lysine. Herpesvirus requires. Gently press the warm, damp cloth onto your cat's eye and hold it there for up to five minutes. Remove the compress and discard the used cloth. Repeat the compress every hour until the infection clears. It may take two people to apply warm compresses to kitty — one to hold the cat, and the other to hold the compress over the cat's eye.

Роман Безруков

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