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  • How does this work and where do I start?
    At the moment: For Delivery: Download order form and product list from the Home page. Delivery form has a full list of products available, fill it in and select the quantities you would like. Minimum amount per food item is 10g. The PDF available on the main page also contains more detailed product descriptions. Please return the filled in order form to Soon: All the products will be on the website with full description and information, you will be able to process the order on the website itself At the Market: You can bring your own containers to fill or use our paper bags. Either way, you can get the products in the quantity you would like.
  • Is there a Delivery/Collection service?
    We have Local Delivery in the Basingstoke area- Fridays. min order £10.00, delivery - £3.00. Free Delivery over £20.00. Order by Thursday 15:00 Free Collection on Saturdays from the market - min order £5.00, Order by Friday 15:00 More about Delivery service, you can find here
  • What Packaging do you use?
    You can come to the market and bring you own container. For the Delivery and Collection our packaging is Plastic Free We will be using our biodegradable food grade paper bags for dry food (they might be double or triple packed, depending on the quantity of the item you ordered) and NatureFlex Home Compostable bags for spices and those items that could contaminate other items in your order. ​ If an item comes individually packaged from the supplier, we won't be replacing the original packaging and will add it to the order as is. For example, the individual toothbrush is packed into it's own cardboard box. ​ All the above will be packed into the cardboard box which most likely will not be new, but reused from our own deliveries or sourced from friends, neighbours and by other means. That means, the outside of the box might have some logos or other descriptions not related to our business. You can also save us our boxes and return them on the next Delivery. ​ The box will be sealed with Paper tape.
  • I can not find an answer or information I need
    Please let us know any questions by contacting us and we will be happy to help:
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