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What to do with Sunflower seeds?

FillThemUp. Sunflower Seeds, what to do with them

Sunflower seeds can be a versatile addition to your pantry and could easily replace the usual peanuts and recipes with it, especially if you are allergic to most of the nuts. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to spice up our cooking and break the monotony of the usual Thursday dinner.

The mighty #sunflowerseed is packed with nutrients like vitamin E and selenium, which is good for our skin, however, like everything that's good or bad, it should be eaten in moderation. For all the pros and cons, and more detailed nutritional information, read here.

Use the seeds as a snack between meals, sprinkle on salads, add it to smoothies, bread dough, mix it with other seeds like flax, chia, etc, to make your own food topper, or make any of the following recipes.

5 things to make with Sunflower seeds

Try these 5 different recipes to discover the little sunflower seed in a new light.


Shortcut - 5 Delicious things to make with sunflower seeds


1. How to make Sunflower Seed butter

Sunflower seed butter can be used as any other nut butter, it's good to spread on toast or an apple slice, add it to Asian dishes.

To make the butter, you will need to toast Sunflower Seeds first, I chose this recipe, because it doesn't have too many other unnecessary additions like Sunflower Oil, I believe the less we add to prepared foods the better, as you can always add something on top, but you can not remove it after.

This recipe does use a bit of coconut sugar to balance the slight bitterness after blending, but you can replace it with dates for a less processed alternative.

Fill them up. Make sunflower seed butter

Once you have your basic Sunflower butter, you can make other variations with it or create other dishes. For example, tweak it to become Nut-Free Nutella!

Add the vanilla extract, cocoa powder, maple syrup or honey, salt, coconut oil, and nut-free milk, recipe by Momables, and blend it all till smooth. The perfect addition to packed nut-free School lunches.

2. Sunflower Seed Milk. An alternative to Nut Milk.

Do you like making your own #plantbased milk? Why not try making one with sunflower seeds. This is a great option for those with nut allergies too.

You'll have to soak the sunflower seeds overnight for easier blending and for the whole process click here. (Recipe by Culturesforhealth)

Alternatively, if you made sunflower seed butter for yourself already, why not use it to make the milk too. This way you won't have too many bits leftover as you do not need to seave it through, unless you absolutely want it to be a clear liquid. Take a couple of spoons of butter and blend it with water, shake it before use.

3. Make Sunflower Seed Bread

My dream is to have freshly baked bread every week, as in I make that delicious bread myself and have the baking aroma spread through the kitchen... but as you know some dreams just not meant to be.. ;)

However, this Homemade sunflower seed bread recipe by Sam from Aheadofthyme seems just doable. Toast it, use it for sandwiches or eat with the soup.

FillThemUp. Making bread

4. Dessert with Sunflower seeds

I admit, I do like sweet things...Although, since my daughter was born and, you know, I became a true grown up...I am trying to convert and make good choices or at least go with natural and least processed options. We did manage not to give her sweets for the first two years, which I am very happy with and believe me all the family and friends made it very difficult to resist :)..

That's why I like this sweet Honey Roasted Cinnamon Sunflower Seeds with Peach Sorbet recipe (Superhealthykids). No sugar, natural ingredients, tasty and actually healthy dessert for kids and Adults! Once you make your Sunflower seed topper, you can use it for other dishes, add it to yougurt, cereal, etc.

5. Make Vegan Cheese from sunflower seeds

This Vegan cheese recipe is super easy, just blend all 9 ingredients together and chill. Using Sunflower seeds makes this cheese a nut free version too.

Follow the recipe guidelines by Sam from Itdoesnttastelikechicken.

Qoute. The only thing I like better then talking about food is eating

Hope these 5 recipe ideas give you some inspiration for your weekly meal's plan.

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